Have you read What’s Best Next? You should. From The Gospel Coalition’s interview with the author, Matt Perman:

What’s Best Next is a book on how to be productive and get things done from a gospel-centered perspective. In one sense, it’s like David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but within a Christian worldview.

I say “in one sense” because I didn’t just restate Getting Things Done with a few Bible verses added on. That would have been quite lame! While I love GTD, I talk about my own struggles with it and lay out an updated approach that I’ve found to be simpler—while affirming all of the massive good in GTD and its basic framework.

Most importantly, this approach is based in an explicitly Christian worldview so that we can understand the great meaning in our work and have a vision for why productivity even matters at all. Then, within that framework, I give a practical approach for increasing our productivity in every area of life.

As part of the stewardship of my own gifts (and tackling lots of weaknesses) here’s my current toolbox of software/apps for getting things done and keeping me on track:

    • Apple Keynote (use it for choir rehearsals, teaching)
    • Apple Pages
    • GarageBand
    • LibreOffice
    • Apple Preview (for manipulating PDF files)

What tools do you use?

2 thoughts on “andrew’s toolbox

    1. It’s Apple’s version of PowerPoint. I start with a slide as folks enter rehearsal that has a quote from the anthem we will be singing on Sunday. Then, as we are doing warm-ups, I usually have the music for at least most of the warm-ups on a couple of slides. I’ve been have a slide for each of the anthems we are working on. If a song has words in Latin, then I will provide a translation as well as a phonetic pronunciation guide. Usually the last slide is announcements and other important information. Also, since our choir helps lead the worship set, if we are learning a new song for worship I will make sure that the music for that is on the screen. And it is actually music and words, not just words. The last thing that is really helpful is to have a Bluetooth mouse for the computer. That way he can sit on my music stand and I can use it to advance the slide without having to walk over to the computer. I try to strike a balance between providing enough information to be useful, but making sure that the presentation does not get in the way of the rehearsal.


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