Airtable and public views

imagesOne of the cool recent discoveries that I have made with Airtable is that you can publish and share selected information easily through sharing a view and embedding it or linking it on other sites. What this means for me is that finally I have an easy way to create a list of upcoming choir anthems with recording samples, YouTube links, and publisher links and share that with my choir members so that they can review the music during the week or see what anthems are coming up next. Very cool!

I am also using the ability to password protect pages on our church website in order to share a basic choir directory (with information from Airtable) with just our choir members. And with AirTable’s recent gallery view, this could become a very easy way for folks to learn names and faces when they are new.

The ongoing weakness with Airtable is its printing – still very basic and honestly, only barely useful. Maybe this will be fixed in the future… but for now I am still having to rely on CSV exports to be able to do fancy printing when needed. Thankfully, that’s not very often.

Airtable update – it’s like building a custom app

My first post on this updated blog, “Collaborative care for the choir” was an initial review of Airtable: Now that I have used it pretty solidly, here are my take-aways:

  • Collaboration tools are pretty good – we use it mostly to communicate changes and updates to our choir section leaders. The fact that Airtable puts a timestamp on record changes is really helpful.
  • It is fast. Syncing is instant, and works great on mobile or desktop.
  • The ability to create a web form is handy and really useful – and different from what you would do with a Google form. Google forms are great for collecting info, but Airtable forms are good for getting data into your own….
  • CUSTOM APP! Seriously, it’s like building your own app. Linked tables are the secret sauce to making it work.

Online form

Our choir had an awesome opportunity to sing with Michael W. Smith here in Knoxville for an event that Olympic ice skater Scott Hamilton organized. I put the signup form out via Airtable and had a custom app for the event where I could assign the singers their seating row and handle the number of passes and tickets needed.

I made this as a separate project in Airtable, but I should have made it as a table within my choir roster – and then folks could have simply checked their name off the list and I would already have their contact info at hand. Slick!

True database power

The most incredible use of Airtable is how we are now using it as the data backend for the Knoxville Area Handbell Festival. It now serves as registrar, checkbook ledger, financial reporter, music archivist, contact database, and legal document organizer. For the first time ever, I will be able to handle the duties of treasurer without having to lug around my computer and my black zippered binder stuffed with documents.

Using Airtable requires a bit of database understanding to really get going, but nowhere near as much as any other program I have ever messed with. Access? Forget it. Filemaker? Whatever. Fusion Tables? Still kind of intimidating. Airtable? YES.

Hey Airtable – think you could raise the limit on the number of rows allowed in your free version? Or maybe come up with a slightly lower price for the first tier of paid service? I don’t really know how much it would cost because of the whole “per user” charge thing. Just my 2 cents…

Cedar Springs Sanctuary Choir rehearsing with Michael W. Smith at the Knoxville Civic Colosseum

Collaborative care for the choir


At my church we have a choir of around 60-70 active singers, with another 20 or so listed on the rolls. We also have prospects, folks who are “on leave” as well as dealing with medical issues and travel…

AGGH! How do I keep up with all of the details of each and every member of my choir? And… even if I figure that out, how can we effectively and actively pursue new members? I continually feel behind, and we are going to start doing something about it.

Right now, we are trying out an online database tool called Airtable – what I like about it is that it gives me AND my section leaders a way to communicate specifically about choir members, and to spread the knowledge about what is going on in folk’s lives more effectively amongst our leadership team (we have one section leader per voice section). They also have a surprisingly good app for iPhones. My hope is that by using this tool we can stay in better and more frequent communication with our choir members and reach out quickly to new folks. I’ll try to update as we roll it out and use it in the real world.

Technical info – because this stuff is important: I considered using Google Fusion Tables for this as well, and it IS more powerful, but it is also less user-friendly for my volunteer section leaders. It does, however, give you the option of plotting addresses on a map so that you can get an instant overview of where your choir members live – useful for planning social gatherings or visits!

What fields did I include in our database?
Full name
Status (active, currently inactive, prospect, on leave, etc.)
Voice Section
Notes (general notes)
Communication history (when and how was someone last in touch? email, facebook, text, phone?)
All this is a work in progress.. and I would LOVE to know how others handle this! I want to be the most effective choir director possible – and that as always means so much more than teaching notes and rhythms. It is truly building relationships with others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo gloria.