Wednesday Listening

Today I listened to the Symphony 7 by Antonio Dvorak for the very first time in my life. I had the opportunity to play violin II in the 8th symphony in All-State orchestra as a high schooler, and of course know and love the 9th symphony (New World). For whatever reason, however, I never have explored beyond those.

Folks, this is a worthy piece of music to invest some time in. IMSLP has several versions of the full score to follow along with – which is so helpful as an orchestrater to see how Dvorak builds and layers the colors he uses. Need examples of “dovetailing” between instruments? Here’s your piece.

The recording I listened to is a 1995 recording by the Czech Philharmonic that was available on Apple Music. Also on that recording is “Vodnik” – the Water Goblin. Beautiful and scary, and what a story… (Thanks to “That Classical Podcast” for the heads-up regarding Vodnik!).