God takes care of details

It’s amazing how perfect God’s timing is in medium-to-large issues as well as amazingly small details. This past Sunday in particular was one of those days where God’s providence stood out. Our wonderful drummer Alonzo was sick, but it happened to be a Sunday when my brother (a drummer and worship leader) was visiting with his family. Wow.
For me personally, I know that sometimes Sunday afternoon and evening can be a lonely time in the heart of church musicians. Was what we do effective, impactful, or not? Did it help to edify the congregation in worship? Is it even “ok” to wonder about that or is that my own pride and vanity coming into focus? (Or is it perhaps the lies of the Enemy looking for an place to take root?) Well… this evening I received two separate emails from members of the congregation – each with a word of Godly encouragement for the ministry of music that we provide in the worship services – never praising the music itself, but for the way that it lead us to hear, to sing, and to receive the Word of God in our hearts. This is encouragement for everyone involved in the CSPC music and worship ministry to hear!
I started this post thinking that supplying a drummer was the “medium” issue and the encouragement was the small detail… but now I think I may have had those items reversed. Either way, God has very practically reminded me of his timing, providence, and extra-personal “I-know-all-your-insecurities-and-still-choose-to-reach-you” grace abounding. The God who created the universe and breathed life into the cosmos cared deeply and personally enough to send a couple of emails and a drummer.